Monarch Pines Homeowners Association


Welcome to Monarch Pines, a senior manufactured home park. We are located at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, one of the most beautiful geographic areas in the world. The park is within short walking distance to the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Monterey Bay Aquarium, shopping, world class restaurants, museums, the Post Office, the library, and much more. We are also adjacent to the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course, Meals on Wheels and the Sally Griffin Senior Center.

Common Interest Development - Stock Cooperative: Monarch Pines Homeowners Association, Inc., is a Stock Cooperative governed by an elected Board of Directors, with each Resident/Member owning one share of voting stock. Under a Stock Cooperative, the Association owns all of the real property in the Park, and each Member owns his/her own coach.

To help promote the safety, security and financial interests of the Association and its Members, the Board requires credit, Department of Motor Vehicles, and background checks (including information on whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime) before being allowed to purchase a share. This approval must take place prior to close of escrow or the transfer of any ownership interest. This requirement has been imposed with the following objectives:
  • First, although it cannot guarantee the safety and security of all of Members, the Board wants to take reasonable care in providing a safe environment for its Residents.
  • Second, the Board wants to take reasonable care to confirm the likelihood that an applicant will have the ability to pay, in a timely manner, all assessments and property taxes owed. This is important because unpaid assessments and property taxes will result in an increased financial burden on all other Members.
  • Finally, the Board is required to make sure that all applicants comply with regulations associated with senior housing restrictions.
This policy is NOT intended to establish selection criteria concerning an applicant's general character. Rather, the intent of this policy is to prevent harm (physical or financial) to other Members. The Board reserves the right to exclude, under appropriate circumstances, an applicant who poses a threat to the safety, security and financial interests of the Association and its Members. The Board would like to emphasize that it is sensitive to privacy concerns of applicants. Information obtained from through the application process will be treated as strictly confidential.

History and description: Originally the location of a rail line to Pebble Beach, Monarch Pines was established in 1962, when the original owner rented spaces to residents. The residents purchased the property and formed the Homeowners Association. In 1989, the residents formed the Monarch Pines Homeowners Association, a California Non-profit, Mutual Benefit Corporation, which has governed the park since then.

The property consists of 10.6 acres of land, with spaces for 103 manufactured homes and common areas. Homeowners have use of the clubhouse, which contains a meeting room, kitchen, game room, ocean view room, and a manager's office. For a fee, members may reserve the clubhouse for family gatherings and social events.

Home ownership and residency rules: One homeowner must be at least 55 years of age. If more than one person occupies the home, the other person must be at least 50 years of age. The Bylaws prohibit rentals. At least one person occupying the home must be the owner. Residents may be full or part-time. Pets are allowed. A live-in caregiver is allowed, including a family member, who may be under 50 years of age. Medical and caregiving arrangements are the residents' responsibility. 911 should be called for emergencies.

The Homeowners Association Ownership shares: The Monarch Pines Homeowners Association owns the entire 10+ acre property. There are presently 102 resident shares. The purchase price of a home in the Park includes one market valued share certificate.

Structure of the Association: The Monarch Pines Homeowners' Association is governed by an elected board, which designates its own officers. The President is the spokesperson for the Association, and the Board is responsible for policies that govern the corporation business. Committees are formed to support certain objectives or functions. The Board meets monthly in sessions open to the Membership, addressing park business and finances. The Board also employs a part-time onsite Business Manager, who is the liaison with Shoreline Property Management, our management firm.

Association Finances: Association expenses are supported by homeowner fees billed monthly. These fees include a capital reserve assessment, and an operating fee which includes such expenditures as park insurance, staff salaries, sewer and garbage fees, common area landscaping, management firm expenses and clubhouse expenses. The monthly statement also includes billing for gas and electricity as well as real property taxes which are billed in monthly installments equal to 1/12 of the estimated annual property taxes billed to Monarch Pines for your space (see Property Taxes below). Residents are billed directly for water by California American Water Company based on individual household usage. The Board reviews a financial summary at each monthly meeting. Specific information on your account is also available by contacting Shoreline Property Management.

Residency Rules and Regulations: If you are under contract to buy a home in Monarch Pines, you will receive copies of all required documentation from Shoreline Property Management as part of the escrow (see Making a Purchase below), including Rules and Regulations, a copy of the approved budget and monthly fees, a copy of the occupancy/lease agreement, as well as copies of the Reserve Study, Financial Review and Bylaws. If you are considering a purchase in the Park but are not under contract for a specific home, the seller can provide you with certain information on the Park.
Replacement of a manufactured home is subject to Rules and Regulations established by the Association, conforming to California State laws. The onsite office manager administers the application and approval process, assisted by the Property Architectural Committee as established by the Board of Directors.
Making a Purchase: Purchase of a new or existing manufactured home is complex. By law, when selling all relevant information about the house and property must be disclosed, including any known violations of Park Rules and Regulations. As soon as the escrow is opened and seller disclosure forms are completed, Shoreline Property Management will work with the Seller and their designee to provide the required documents and assist the Board of Directors in the approval of the Buyer(s) for membership and occupancy. The cost for this service is $400 ($200 due up front / $200 at close of escrow) plus a fee of $75.00 per application for each buyer to cover the background check which will include a credit check, DMV report, and criminal background report. These fees are paid directly to Shoreline. When Shoreline has completed the application process, they will send a recommendation to the Board for final approval to Title and Membership. Upon Board approval, the Buyer will sign the occupancy agreement prior to close of escrow. Please refer to the "Outline of the Escrow Process"

Property Taxes: The taxes on the residence are considered personal property and are the owner's responsibility, payable directly to the Monterey County Assessor’s Office. The entire land (real property) is owned by the Association and is billed to the Association by the Monterey County Tax Assessor. The individual owners are billed by the Association monthly according to the assessed valuation provided by Monterey County. Upon change of ownership the individual land value will be re-assessed by Monterey County and taxed accordingly. Your monthly tax charge will be an estimated amount based on the purchase price until the County has provided a notice of
reassessment and the new value is known. As part of the escrow process, Shoreline Property Management will provide specific information regarding this expense.

Updated 9-28-17


1. Seller accepts Buyer’s offer. Agents open the escrow at Title Company of their choice. All required paperwork is provided to the Title Company by the agents. The Title Company prepares the demand and sends it to Shoreline along with the purchase agreement and contact information for the Buyer and their agent.

2. Upon receipt of the demand from the Title Company, Shoreline emails the Seller’s disclosure forms to Title for signature.

3. After reviewing all documents, the Buyer returns the required completed and signed applications along with any fees, copy of Buyer’s driver’s license and social security card.

4. When Shoreline has the completed package back from the Buyer, the credit check, DMV report and criminal background report is ordered and the personal reference letters are mailed to the recipients submitted by the Buyer.

5. After all personal reference letters and reports are received and income is verified, a recommendation from Shoreline is sent to the Board of Directors at Monarch Pines.

6. Upon approval or denial by the Board of Directors, Shoreline is immediately notified. If approved, Shoreline will prepare the statement of account which is sent along with the Buyer’s approval letter to Title Company. The Seller must surrender the original Certificate of Membership (Share) to the office of Monarch Pines before closing escrow. If denied, Shoreline will immediately notify both Buyer and Seller and/or agents.

7. The Buyer and Seller sign off at the Title Company. The Title Company sends the closing checks to Shoreline. The Buyer must show proof of required homeowners insurance to office of Monarch Pines before taking possession of the unit.

8. An In-Park orientation will be scheduled by Monarch Pines soon after closing of escrow. Please note that Shoreline is closed on weekends and Holidays, so all references to timing is business days only. These instructions are subject to change