How real estate agents are paid 

  • We are paid on a commission basis. That is, we receive a share of the real estate commission only after the purchase or sale of your home has closed escrow.  The real estate commission is generally paid by the seller and is split between the listing company, the listing agent, the selling company, and the selling agent.   
  • We are independent contractors. Although we are associated with Teles Properties, we are self-employed.  We are responsible for all of our own expenses including automobile, gasoline, telephone, real estate fees, etc. We receive no salary from Teles Properties, nor does our company reimburse us for any expenses.  Instead, we are happy to bear them in anticipation of the successful purchase or sale of your home. 

For the above reasons, your loyalty to us is greatly appreciated.  In working together, we promise to give you 100% of our ability, resources, skills, and expertise in return for your loyalty. We ask that you please rely on us exclusively.